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Page last updated: 20 Nov, 2020

The V-2 Rocket is one of the most recognizable rockets and this site is designed to provide as much information about the post-war life of the V-2 rocket as possible. Most of the information is geared toward the individual paint schemes for the many rounds launched.

My name is William Beggs, Jr. and I became involved with sport rocketry in January of 1997. My first rocket was scratch built from parts ordered from Aerotech. The rocket was about a meter in length and was flown on a G75, RMS motor. From that moment on I was hooked. Since that time, I've flown many rockets with motors ranging from "1/4A" to "N". I am currently a member of Albuquerque Rocket Society (ARS). I was previously a member of Tripoli Colorado and NCR. I am Level 3 certified and a member of, Tripoli (#5258) and NAR (#70094). I am also a TAP member with Tripoli for certifying. Level 3 projects.

The main reason I chose to provide information about the V-2 is that it is the one rocket in my mind that sticks out as starting the race for space, as well as the hobby of rocketry.

Over the past few years I have decided to branch out and add many more rocket links to this web site. While the V-2 has been a very worth while project it has become difficult to find more photographic information on and was the main reason why I decided to add information on additional rockets. I have also made contact with many great individuals throughout the world that also share my love of rocketry and have provided me with many great photos to post on my site. I add data as often as I can and try to note any updates.

If you find this web site useful please let me know. I appreciate all comments and questions regarding the information I have provided. Thank you for taking the time to look.

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